Uri Levinson & Adaya Godlevsky

Collaborator in performance art, installation, video, sound, and music.


 Participate in the Art Magazin

GenderTuck Magazine, 

 August 2018.

*note: The Magazin contain erotic material.

Live-improvisation video and sound

Performed at\with:

In collaboration with the artist Nava Waxman, at Alfred Gallery, Tel Aviv, 2017. Photos

In collaboration with the musician Dganit Elyakim, at Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem, 2017. Photos

The Audio Visual Festival at Zimmer, Tel Aviv, 2017. Details

'The Library X-Ray' at The American Library Berlin, 2018. Short videoDetails

Cafe Oto, London, 2018. Details

Atar , Jaffa Israel, 2018. Short video . Details

ArtSpace Gallery Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, 2019. Details

Rubin Museum, Tel Aviv, 2019. Details.  Video.  Photos.



'TaIk To Me With That'

Instillation  performance.

Performed at Beit Binyamini , Tel Aviv 



***Free music improvisation*** 2017

Electronic- Uri Levinson\ Harp and vocal- Adaya Godlevsky


I see you seeing me seeing you '

A performance for crowd, performers, technology, music, sound, and video.

Presented at Grüntaler9 , Berlin, 2016. Photos



Video installation performance. presented  

at Musrra Mix Festival 2016 Jerusalrm Video Photos More

The short version performed at Gruntaler9 gallery as part of LEGS at Project Space Berlin. 2018. Video

' A clear paper with a torn edge #1 '  

Performance work for sound video and harp.

Performed at the Zimmer gallery, February 2015

*part of the work performed at :

Concert @ Hativa Hall, April 2015

Klaser event @ Celim, Bat Yam, May 2015

Tectonics Music Festival Tel Aviv , November 2015



' Permeable '

An Installation performance

Residency at Vermont Studio Center

September 2015



An installation performance

About [Hebrew]


Performed at Musrara Mix Festival Jerusalem, 2014 

' Surround '

An installation  performance for two performance and harp



Performed at

"Binyamin Gallery" Tlv 2012

"Hanina Gallery" Tlv 2013 Video

"grüntaler9" Berlin" 2013

"Rubin Museum" 2014

"Tmuna Theater" Tlv 2014. Video

"Hateiva" Jaffa.2014

'Beeri Gallery" 2017


 ' Transference '

Performance work.

Performed at the event ' Directions ' 

 at The Arab-Jewish Theater, and at Levontin 7 club, Jaffa-Tel Aviv, 2014


' Leica  m9 '

Video installation

from an exhibition at "Hanina Gallery" Tel Aviv, 2013


 ' You and You '  Installation  performance

Performed at the "Vitrine Festival" 2012 at the Gallery\Theater Hanut31 Tel Aviv


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